JSC Exam 2013-2014 Suggestion Model Question

JSC Model Question-2013



JSC Exam 2013-2014 Suggestion Model Question published


JSC Model Question-2013
Class: VIII
Subject: English 1st Paper
Time: 1 hour                                                                                                     Total Marks: 35
(Read the following passage and answer the questions following it)
Dear Rohel,
I apologize for being failed in sending your letter’s reply. This is because last month there happened a tragic accident in my uncle’s family. My uncle died of chronic bronchitis.
He had the habit of smoking heavily. He was accustomed to this bad habit from teenage age. Recently both my uncle’s and our family became anxious about my uncle’s worsening health condition. He was having continuous coughing and chest pain. So we admitted him into a hospital. The doctor showed him his chest X-ray plates and endoscope image. There were dark marks on his lever and lungs. The doctor explained to him that the marks were the proof of his severe bronchitis. He also explained that a deadly and harmful substance called nicotine is in tobacco leaves; and cigarettes are made from tobacco leaves.
He explained that when a person smokes cigarettes, this nicotine enters into their lungs with every puff. If anybody smokes cigarettes for years, this deadly nicotine causes bronchitis, lung cancer, heart diseases etc. We all tried to stop him from smoking. He never paid any heed to our requests and warnings. He died an untimely death.
My uncle’s death brings a great shock for both families. He was the only earning person of his family. HE has a big family of six. So his family is in a great trouble for his sudden death. Now they have to depend on the help of our family. So we don’t know how long we may help them to survive.
However, pray for us to recover from the shock. Write me when you have the time. Give my regards to your parents.
Yours ever
1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives:                                                                                1× 7= 7
(a) The receiver of the letter is …..
i) Rohel                         ii) Rita                            iii) Rony                       iv) Kahnopa
(b) Kahnopa’s uncle died of …….. 
i) cancer                       ii) malaria                     iii) bronchitis                 iv) diarrhea
(c) The loss of Kahnopa’s uncle is a……
i) joy                            ii) pleasure                    iii) catastrophe               iv) isolated
(d) Smoking is ……. To health.
i) conducive                   ii) harmful                     iii) good                        iv) useful
(e) Coughing is a …….. of bronchitis.
i) symptom                    ii) means                       iii) way              iv) remedy
(f) We should give …….smoking.
i) on                 ii) up                 iii) in                 iv) to
 (g) Now they are waiting to board the plane. Here ‘to board’ is
i) symptom                    ii) means                       iii) way              iv) remedy
2. Answer the following questions:                                                                                                           1× 10=10
(a) Why couldn’t Kahnopa write to Rohel.
(b) When did her uncle die?
(c) How did her uncle?
(d) Which habit did he have?
(e) What enters into lungs during smoking?
3.Fill in each gap with the suitable word of your own based on the information from the text in ‘A’               1× 8= 8
Kahnopa and Rohel …(a)…. friends. Kahnopa failed to write …(b)….due to a sad …(c)….. The tragic accident was her uncle’s …(d)…….He was addicted to …(e)…..from his teenage age. Her uncle had continuous coughing and chest …(f)… They…(g)…him into a hospital. The doctor …(h)… to him about his disease.
4. Read the following table and make five sentences:                                                                                  1× 5=5
lung cancer.
into the lungs of the smoker.
dangerous for health.
made from tobacco leaves.
nicotine in tobacco leaves.
5. Information transfer: Complete Column B of the following table with the information from the text:          1× 5=5
died last month.
Kahnopa’s uncle died
causes cancer.
are made of tobacco leaves.
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